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R&D Philosophy

At Biltube, our commitment to R&D stems from our mission to develop and innovate products that help in the long-term success of our customers and maintain a sustainable and green environment.

With ever changing customer needs and market dynamics, our focus on cutting-edge R&D helps us translate operational challenges into customer success.

Biltube uses its R&D capabilities in three key areas to achieve sustainable business growth:

Our R&D focus helps us drive operational efficiency and streamline customer processes that adhere to global best practices.
Our strong R&D base helps meet changing customer needs.  Our knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain helps us facilitate quality products from raw material to finished products.
Our research helps us follow our guiding principle of doing business responsibly. Our R&D enables us to recycle material whilst maintaining the highest quality via a green manufacturing process that has a minimal impact on the environment.
Dedicated R&D Centers

Since 2004, our manufacturing plants have established dedicated R&D centers to support our initiatives.

Our research is focused on materials technologies, exploring possible applications and collaborating with customers to adapt products for diverse markets.

We have a dedicated team of R&D personnel who work relentlessly towards creating value for customers through cutting-edge business and product insights. Our innovation-led research methodology is backed by a team of experts with diverse industry experience in paper technology, engineering and biotechnology.

The definitive insights and understanding of raw materials that we derive from our research helps us optimize product properties to drive superior performance. Our high-strength coreboard technology, high-strength cone-board and thin-walled, high-strength textile tubes are some of the innovations derived from in-house research.

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